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We offer mobile hyperbaric chambers for private or commercial use. Integrate regular use into your life and benefit from the many positive effects.


Possible uses

Our chambers are suitable for


Children with disabilities also benefit from our chambers. See the testimonials for yourself.


You can also use the hyperbaric chamber for your four-legged friend.


The hyperbaric chamber for improving physical performance and for rapid regeneration after injuries.


Well-being, stress reduction and more strength for everyday life with a hyperbaric chamber in your home.


Stay fit and healthy in old age with the hyperbaric chamber



Use the hyperbaric chamber as an energy supplier in your practice.


Hyperbaric chambers for private and commercial use

Our hyperbaric chambers allow you to breathe in filtered room air under increased atmospheric pressure.

As a result, regular hyperbaric applications can improve general well-being.


Benefit from the many positive effects.

Physical well-being

More strength for everyday life

Increased vitality

Relaxation of the muscles

Recovery after stressful days


Taster dives in Berlin & Schweinfurt

You are welcome to make an appointment in our showrooms in Berlin and Schweinfurt.

Height: 170 cm
Depth: 135 cm
Width: 125 cm
Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA
hyperbare kammer sport
Diameter: 80 cm
Length: 225 cm
Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA
Height: 110 cm
Length: 225 cm
Width: 110 cm
Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA
hyperbare kammer family
Height: 205 cm
Depth: 165 cm
Width: 160 cm
Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA


Frequently asked questions

In a hyperbaric chamber, ambient air (21% oxygen) is introduced into the hyperbaric chamber at low pressure. The chamber pressure rises initially. As soon as the desired pressure of 0.3 bar is reached, two independently operating valves open. These valves prevent the risk of excessive pressure in the hyperbaric chamber. Throughout use, fresh air is constantly fed into the hyperbaric chambers until the pressure returns to ambient pressure. The pressure in the hyperbaric chamber remains constant during the entire session. At the end of use, the pressure is slowly released via a release valve until the pressure in the hyperbaric chamber corresponds to the ambient pressure again. The pressure difference is comparable to the pressure difference when using a commercial airplane, which is called a “dive”. Many users describe the introduction of air as “descending”, followed by the “surfacing” phase.

As a user, you will feel a sensation of pressure in your ears when “diving down”, similar to landing with an airplane. Normally, movements of the lower jaw, yawning or swallowing, lead to a slight equalization of the pressure in the middle ear. There is no feeling of pressure on the skin itself.

Many users report more energy and serenity after use. After the first few dives in a hyperbaric chamber, however, you may also feel tired. This reaction usually disappears after a few hours and becomes less pronounced on subsequent dives. We generally recommend drinking plenty of water after each use.

Our hyperbaric chambers are not classified as medical devices, yet many users with medical conditions report improvements in their symptoms. In general, our hyperbaric chambers make a huge contribution to your general state of health. This is often reflected in physical and mental well-being, increased athletic performance and vitality, even in old age. An increased oxygen supply is at the heart of physical regeneration, energy build-up and therefore rejuvenation. Our “HE Family” model is best suited for people with limited mobility.

In principle, yes. Our mobile hyperbaric chambers are movable and can be set up in different locations, e.g. in hotel rooms or a vacation apartment. You should always ensure that there are no solvents or other chemicals in the vicinity of the hyperbaric chamber or the compressor. It should also be kept away from the heating and there should be no coal stove or oven in the same room. Auch wenn die Raumluft gefiltert in den hyperbaren Kammern geleitet wird, so sollte man trotzdem darauf achten, dass der Kompressor in einer Umgebung mit frischer Luft steht.