Frequently asked questions

How exactly does an application work?

In a hyperbaric chamber, ambient air (21% oxygen) is introduced into the hyperbaric chamber at low pressure. The chamber pressure rises initially. As soon as the desired pressure of 0.3 bar is reached, two independently operating valves open. These valves prevent the risk of excessive pressure in the hyperbaric chamber. Throughout use, fresh air is constantly fed into the hyperbaric chambers until the pressure returns to ambient pressure. The pressure in the hyperbaric chamber remains constant during the entire session. At the end of use, the pressure is slowly released via a release valve until the pressure in the hyperbaric chamber corresponds to the ambient pressure again. The pressure difference is comparable to the pressure difference when using a commercial airplane, which is called a “dive”. Many users describe the introduction of air as “descending”, followed by the “surfacing” phase.

How do you feel the pressure during an application?

As a user, you will feel a sensation of pressure in your ears when “diving down”, similar to landing with an airplane. Normally, movements of the lower jaw, yawning or swallowing, lead to a slight equalization of the pressure in the middle ear. There is no feeling of pressure on the skin itself.

How do you feel after a treatment?

Many users report more energy and serenity after use. After the first few dives in a hyperbaric chamber, however, you may also feel tired. This reaction usually disappears after a few hours and becomes less pronounced on subsequent dives. We generally recommend drinking plenty of water after each use.

Are the hyperbaric chambers also suitable for sick people?

Our hyperbaric chambers are not classified as medical devices, yet many users with medical conditions report improvements in their symptoms. In general, our hyperbaric chambers make a huge contribution to your general state of health. This is often reflected in physical and mental well-being, increased athletic performance and vitality, even in old age. An increased oxygen supply is at the heart of physical regeneration, energy build-up and therefore rejuvenation. Our “HE Family” model is best suited for people with limited mobility.

Can a hyperbaric chamber be set up anywhere?

In principle, yes. Our mobile hyperbaric chambers are movable and can be set up in different locations, e.g. in hotel rooms or a vacation apartment. You should always ensure that there are no solvents or other chemicals in the vicinity of the hyperbaric chamber or the compressor. It should also be kept away from the heating and there should be no coal stove or oven in the same room. Even if the room air is filtered and fed into the hyperbaric chamber, care should still be taken to ensure that the compressor is located in an environment with fresh air.

How many people can be in a hyperbaric chamber at the same time?

Our “HE Sport” model offers space for one adult and a small child, the “HE Relax” model fits two slim, mobile adults and the large “HE Family” chamber is ideal for two mobile adults.

Does it get very warm in the hyperbaric chamber?

The temperature in the hyperbaric chamber increases by several degrees due to the pressure. Especially when used with children or in rooms with a warm ambient temperature, some people quickly break into a sweat. We recommend purchasing an air conditioning system from us. The connections for this are already pre-equipped on our hyperbaric chambers. In general, make sure that the compressor is located in a well-ventilated room with fresh, cool air. Wear light clothing during use.

Are mild hyperbaric chambers safe?

Yes, our chambers are thoroughly and very carefully tested for safety according to the strictest criteria and bear the CE mark. As with all electrical appliances, care must be taken to ensure proper use as described in the instructions for use supplied. No changes of any kind may be made to the appliance. We train all our customers in the safe handling of our hyperbaric chambers as part of an online training course.

What can you do if you suffer from claustrophobia?

Some people suffer from a feeling of discomfort in confined spaces. We therefore put a lot of thought into the product design: to create a friendly and light atmosphere, we chose a very bright shell so that light shines not only through the windows but also through the tarpaulin directly into the chamber. We also recommend large hyperbaric chambers for private use and therefore deliberately keep the prices for our hyperbaric chambers low. For anxious people, we recommend our “HE Family” model with a large footprint and a height of just under two meters. Adults can also stand upright here and there is enough space for an accompanying person. Communication is possible at any time through the tarpaulin – even when the compressor is running. All our hyperbaric chambers can also be operated and opened from the inside.

We also recommend a radio chime. It is possible to stop the session at any time, release the air pressure and then open the hyperbaric chamber. Please inform your helpers outside about your claustrophobia before you use them. First spend some time with the zipper wide open, relaxing. Take your time at the beginning and start with shorter times and less pressure. Take a trusted companion with you into the hyperbaric chamber.

Sit in front of a window and look outside, it will calm you down. Take some music, a book or tablet with you for entertainment and occupy yourself with pleasant topics. Take a child with you into the chamber, children find their stay in the hyperbaric chamber a pleasant, soothing time and have already eased the fears of many an adult. Something comforting at the end: almost all users are initially a little scared of their first dive, but after two to three dives all users are much more relaxed.

How can you keep yourself occupied in the hyperbaric chamber during the session?

Some users relax and use the time for a short nap to recuperate. Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or mp3 players can be used. However, remember that you want to recover in the hyperbaric chamber and should therefore avoid high-frequency radiation as far as possible. For hygienic reasons, we recommend only taking still water in a plastic bottle into the hyperbaric chamber.

Can I try out the hyperbaric chambers before I buy them?

Before purchasing a chamber, we strongly advise you to try it out in person. You are welcome to visit one of our showrooms by appointment.