HE Single Hyperbaric Chamber

Height: 170 cm
Depth: 135 cm
Width: 125 cm
Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA

HE Single

  • Oil-free air compressor (quieter than 55 dB) with filtration down to 0.001 micron
  • Internal metal frame
  • Quick release valve for rapid pressure release in an emergency
  • Oxygen connection for optional use of oxygen
  • Air conditioning connections are already installed
  • Two-year warranty on all parts of the hyperbaric chamber
  • High-quality double zipper system
  • 3 transparent windows

High-quality materials for our hyperbaric chambers

TPU outer shell

TPU stands for "thermoplastic polyurethane" and is often referred to as a middle ground between rubber and plastic. The material appears rubbery and is very elastic, flexible and non-slip. At the same time, TPU is also extremely hard-wearing and strong. The TPU used in our products offers high tear resistance, flexibility over a wide temperature range and high elasticity. The material used does not smell. Even sensitive customers with MCS have tolerated the material very well so far. The seams of the chambers are welded over a wide area using a special process.

Air compressor with metal housing

Our 220V-powered air compressor has a sturdy metal housing, operates oil-free and delivers 72 liters of fresh air per minute. Further information can be found in the article "Filters".

Air conditioning

Our optional air conditioning system also has a sturdy metal housing and delivers up to 150 liters of cool air per minute. The outdoor unit is connected in series with the compressor and the temperature is set digitally. The cooled air is distributed inside the chamber via the inner part. Distilled water is required to operate the air conditioning system.

Pressure relief valves

The sturdy aluminum valves open at a chamber pressure of 1.3 ATA or 0.3 bar. Each of our models has at least two pressure relief valves.


The hoses from the compressor to the chamber and to the air conditioning system are made of food-safe PU with a pressure resistance of 10 bar.

Pressure gauge

The pressure gauges are produced by a German manufacturer. They are made of 304 stainless steel, brass and plastic and work with a display in kPa (kilopascals) between 0 and 60 kPa, depending on the model.


Five filters are installed in series directly at the air inlet of the compressor. The two outer filters are made of filter cotton and act as pre-filters and sound insulation. The middle three filters are filled with activated carbon and therefore also absorb odors from the ambient air.

Silencer with pre-filter

A silencer with filter function is located at the air inlet to the hyperbaric chambers. It is a polyethylene (PE) filter with a pore fineness of 5µm. Many of our customers with house dust allergies report that the air in our hyperbaric chambers is significantly less irritating.

Further products

hyperbare kammer family
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Depth: 165 cm
Width: 160 cm
Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA
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hyperbare kammer sport
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Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA
Height: 170 cm
Depth: 135 cm
Width: 125 cm
Pressure: 1.3 bar = 1.3 ATA